Woman Adultery – I Am Not A Woman Just For One Man

Woman Adultery – I Love My New Way of Life


I’m 48 and recently I realized that there was no benefit from being exemplary and faithful wife. Now I love the idea of woman adultery and I am sorry I have wasted all these years.

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I married young and inexperienced to my first love and I believed that our happiness will last a lifetime. I was always in a hurry to get home from work before my husband to prepare his favorite dishes. I wanted to surprise him with a dinner, then I tidy the bedroom as an Arab princess, I dressed transparent tunics – I did everything in order to make him feel good. George really enjoyed these moments and told his friends about my imagination.

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When I found out I was pregnant, hardly there was anyone happier than me. Firmly I decided that my child will bear the name of my husband. Fate, however, surprised me and sent me the twins – a boy and a girl. I named them George and Georgia. I didn’t want anyone to help me – I wanted to raise them alone, although I was 22 years old. I became 45 kg and then my mom said she no longer wants to hear about my principles. She came to live at home. She told me to insist my husband help me in the housework and with raising the children. However, I defended George and I didn’t listen to her warning. After a month I told that I do not need her help.

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The years passed, and I still did not give my husband to do nothing and assume full care for children and our home, and I also was going to work. Until one day I just saw the whole picture. The children went on vacation with my mother, and I was with fever, lying and could not get out of bed. When George returned from work he asked me why there is nothing to eat. I told him I was with 40 degrees temperature and I was very bad. He just opened a beer and sat down in front of the TV. He never asked me if I need anything. Then I started to transfer all situations that he had to be next to me, and he was gone. I remembered the words of my mom that it spare vain and understood she was right. I didn’t hate him, but I didn’t feel anything for him. For just a second my love was gone.

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Then that night I decided from now on to look after myself. Woman adultery was also an option – I didn’t love my husband anymore. The children were already 16-year-old had their own life and would soon take on their path. When I felt better few days later I went to the hairdresser and spent all my savings about a new outfit. I started to gather with friends and going on parties. Quite naturally came first woman adultery. I have to admit – I liked the experience. Then I did it again and again. Woman adultery turned into a way of life for me. Once I invited a man at home. My husband was still at work. I wasn’t worried he will reveal my infidelity. Unfortunately, just that day he came home earlier and saw us naked in bed. I just got dressed and went to talk to him. “Divorce”- he said. I cannot describe the feeling – I was happy to be finally free.

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