Wife Infidelity – I am Addicted to Cheating

Wife Infidelity – I Love the Power That Sex Gives You


They say that if a woman knows what she wants, she will always be happy. Do not fall for this hook, because it’s not true. I’ll tell you about myself and the story of my wife infidelity.

When I was 17 years old I had sex with a man for the first time – a neighbor made me a woman, and he was damn cool dude. He taught me almost everything about sex. After a year, I got tired and I started seeing another boy. Then, second, third and so on. I did not care whether the man I wanted is married and has children.

woman flirting with men in bar

My cousin Sarah learned me other female tricks – how to seduce men in order to use them. I liked this even more because I felt that I am a strong woman and I have power over men. I knew everything – how to look at the man to turn it on; when to smile, and what to say to satisfy my female. I also chose the men carefully of course, because not everyone was making my wishes come true.

I was 27 years old, and I had two-bedroom apartment in a new building and a brand new car. My boyfriend was paying for everything. But when he told me that it was high time to give birth to a child, I was startled. I was not ready for it. Immediately I imagined a little person who will whimper every night and take my freedom, without which I could not live. And I felt scared. I promised him a marriage, but I asked him to wait with the child.

woman seducing man


The very next day I told everything to my cousin and she ordered me to get pregnant immediately. It was the surest way to bind a man forever. I listened to her and I stopped the contraceptives and two months later, shortly after the wedding, I got pregnant.

Harrison was born a healthy baby, and his father thought happiness is finally complete. He cared for us, he loved us, but … I was not happy. At one point I felt empty because I had no plans, dreams, nothing touched me. I started working in the company of my husband, but there I did not feel comfortable. I had no enthusiasm for anything. I finally understood why this happened – because I used to captivate, to be always on top and to determine the rules. But now I had become the most ordinary woman, like everyone else. What if I knew the rules of the game called life? This is not enough. I needed an adventure to feel alive. So I started over again – new men and parties every night. Tricks that I knew had to be used. While my husband caught me cheating.

wife infidelity couple in bed cheating

Wife infidelity was a way of life for me, but he didn’t know about that. He has always believed I am the perfect life. When he caught me in bed with a stranger, he couldn’t believe his eyes. It was one of his best friends. He told me to pack my bags and to leave our home. I was ok with that. I moved on in his friend’s apartment and felt happy. However, I cheated on this partner either and that continue for a year. Now I miss my child and my husband who loved me. I guess I have grown up already. I asked him for forgiveness and my husband was good enough to accept me although the wife infidelity.


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