Real Adultery with Our Roommate – Personal Story about Infidelity

Real adultery is something I experienced not long ago. I had a relationship with the most amazing girl in the world, at least at that time I thought so. We were together from 3 years and we lived together with another girl, Sandra, who was our roommate. There were no problems between the three of us, everything went normal. However, one day Sandra and I were left alone in the apartment, without Sofia, and we started flirting. I felt attracted to Sandra from a long time because she was really sexy. I didn’t even think to make the move. At that moment, it turned out she also found me attractive and we immediately went into her room. We had sex and it was the most amazing experience in my life. With Sofia I had never felt this way.

real adultery roommates

I felt guilty but after several days we were again alone and we repeated the exercise. And that turned out into a habit – every time Sofia was out of home, we were in Sandra’s room. We never met outside the apartment, and we act normal while Sofia was present. I am sure she never sensed what was going on.


One night I crossed the line – when Sofia fell asleep I went to Sandra’s room. I was more excited than before. Unfortunately, this real adultery was quickly revealed – Sofia woke up and didn’t find me next to her. However, she heard the noises from Sandra’s room. She opened the door and saw everything.


Luckily, Sofia forgave me and I promised her this will never happen again. We decided to rent another apartment and to live alone. The last day before leaving the place, Sandra and I were saying goodbye and started kissing. Then our landlady opened the front door and caught us. She was a good friend with Sofia and she told her everything. I blow up my last chance with this incredible girl. I tried to turn my real adultery into a relationship with Sandra but it didn’t work out.

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