Partner Betrayal – He Was Seeing with another Girl

Here is my love story about my partner betrayal. We have been together with my boyfriend for 9 years. We had a very happy and very difficult moments. We both love each other very much, but it is not the initial falling in love with butterflies in the stomach. Last year we parted for about six months. It was a difficult period for us. Separation was a result of misunderstanding between me and his family. Then we gathered back again and I think we are much happier than before. His attitude towards me is very different, and mine towards him. We do not allow anyone to meddle us. We are considering taking next serious steps in life and we are talking about family and children.

Partner betrayal

Suddenly out of nowhere on a gathering with our mutual friends I realized that he was in a relationship with another girl during the time in which we were separated. Still I don’t say a word (I think I would never be humiliated to tell him what I knew) but I felt very cheated.

I had put the change in his attitude to me in the fact that he has realized what his life would be without me. I hoped he has realized his mistakes and in the end it turned out that he just made a comparison between me and the other girl and just choose more the convenient for him. I hope you understand my partner betrayal.

partner betrayal cheating adultery infidelity

From a purely feminine curiosity questioned about the girl. I will not be nasty or rude, but at first glance she is mediocre, without education, changing low-skilled work on every few months. I can not say she is ugly, but certainly she is not taking care for her look.

Partner Betrayal – He Was Seeing with another Girl

I can not stop asking myself why he came back to me. At least I wondered before I understood about my partner betrayal. Until I learnt about this story (it can not even call it cheating) believed strongly that everything will work out and the old quarrels, problems and misunderstandings have left in the past. Now I can not stop doubting that he has returned to me because just collected 2 + 2 and the outcome was in my favor, not love, but a pure account.


I have a well-paid job, I pay my bills by myself, I do not wait for him to pay me to travel. I am ambitious I have not stopped studying a single day of my life. If I have a problem I can count on my parents unconditionally and certainly I do not look unkempt.


Please advice me what do you think is right to do in such a situation.

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