Marriage Adultery – The Worst Thing to Experience

Marriage Adultery – My Wife Cheated on Me

marriage adultery woman cheating husband

Believe me, marriage adultery is the worst thing that can happen to you, especially if you love your partner. Last night we had a tough conversation with my wife. Finally, after more than a year of waiting and lies, and two years of her relationship with the other man, she told something like, “Maybe it’s better to split up temporarily to see if we will miss each other.” I agreed. Not because I wanted to split up, but because when you love someone you must set him free. I knew that her relationship with the other man has not stopped even for a second, so finally I gave up. I just felt terribly tired of all this – I was ready to divorce with her; I was ready to forgive her if she want me to, just not to keep waiting. I wanted to release her from the obligation to continue lying to me to build the image of “good wife.” I admit that when I heard these words, at the beginning I do not show any emotions. I tried to be strong in front of her, but then cried alone as a schoolgirl. I cried for her, but much more for my daughter, who’d already see only occasionally. She told me I can see her often – whenever I wanted, but I have to leave our home. How to explain to a small child that you’re not abdicated from the relationship with his mother, not to tarnish his mother’s name? How then to build a meaningful relationship with your daughter, who is looking at you with accusing eyes – “after all, your left us dad?”

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The strangest is that after finally my wife decided to separate, I began to respect her more as a person. Marriage adultery is a strange experience. You’ve heard of those prisoners who for years are waiting for their sentence, right? They all say that the expectation is killing them. That exactly I felt until last night. Now I know what my sentence is and I know when I will be executed. This is a huge relief, no matter what. Now I respect my wife more, because finally she has been honest with me. For the first time in two years! Everyone could happen to make a mistake, but not everyone is being honest after that.

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Today I spoke with a friend and she told me: “Nothing terrible has happened. Everything will be fine! You have not lost your daughter; she will always be with you. ”

At the same time I thought: “How exactly, what words will I use to tell my daughter that I was leaving?! How I can not cry? Why is my responsibility to look her in the eye and lie to her? Why her mother will be standing behind her, holding her in her arms while I tell her that I want to leave? Why fathers never have feelings? Is this being a husband? Why marriage adultery happened to me? ”




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