Long Term Effects of Adultery

Long Term Effects of Adultery or What are the Results of Cheating


I want to share my experience with long term effects of adultery with you. I am 35 year old man, and I got married when I was 18  to a wonderful girl who gave me a son. We had common plans and dreams for the future. We created a home, a family and business. All this was accompanied with many difficulties and hardships, but we overcame them easily, thanks to our common efforts. However, fate brought me the temptation of an affair.

long term effects of adultery man flirting

It all started in the summer of 1995 while I was alone on a business trip. I met a beautiful and charming lady, who was married, just like me. We had a wild, passionate and tender sex for 10 days – we tried the taste of forbidden fruit.

Then I went back home and there came the disappointment. I had to face the long term effects of adultery. It turned out that the lovely lady had given me not only incredible wild sex but also a venereal disease. Then I realized what can cause infidelity.

long term effects of adultery man cheating

In general, I believe that most women don’t know where their husbands go while they are on a business trip. Nevertheless, I loved the thrill that I tasted. Soon cheating turned to be my lifestyle. And I was involved in endless affairs. I was a good husband and a good father, but soon I was only a good father. My wife was informed by her friends for my truancy. I admit that I could not stop. I told her that if she wants to divorce me I won’t stop her. But she decided to stay with me because of our child. And it turned out to be a great folly. The desire to be with a new lover was irresistible. Any subsequent woman showed me how pathetic we are men because we are afraid to take responsibility. We pretend to be a macho in bed, but outside we are far from this image. Then began my evolution – I became honest and direct.

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My wife could not live longer with this situation and went to another country. Now three years have gone and she has not returned. I was left alone to take care after our son. I admit that we are happy and satisfied that she’s gone. I found that children are the greatest wealth and the difference between my wife and the other women is only that she gave birth to my son. Now I am living with long term effects of adultery. It is not easy to be a parent but I did it myself. I am not sorry. It’s just who I am. Eventually I realized that life is short and you should live it the way you like.

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