Husband Infidelity – 19-Year-Old Blonde Pregnant

Husband Infidelity Makes You Feel Like a Fool

I had to share this with you long ago – more than 6 months ago. Something, however, stopped me. Naturally, six months ago it would sound different. But now, when emotions lessened and I’m aware of my future, I decided to share with you what decision I took after another husband infidelity.

husband infidelity a couple in bed

I’m not a young and innocent woman, I am over 40 years old. When I first caught my husband with another woman, it happened in the most banal way – after a business trip in the family bed. I shouted at him to leave the house and never come back. He, like any dull and brainless man tried to defend himself, that is was not what I was thinking. What should I think when I see my husband and some young woman in our bed completely naked? But he said he had no feelings for her, it was “just for the sport”. “Well why are you not going to work out, as a former volleyball player when you need sport?” – I asked. “If you miss sport why didn’t you go out playing some volleyball with your friends?”

flirting in the office
I suffered all the pain alone. For about a month. Our child was not yet born, but I was already pregnant. I do not know how I didn’t lose the child. And somehow I softened with time. Then once when he asked me whether he could come back home, I agreed. Because of our unborn child, because of what people will say …
After 3-4 years, I received an anonymous letter in the mailbox. Bad male handwriting was telling me about my husband infidelity. In the letter it was written that my husband is a liar and a thief of female hearts. He stole three women hearts already at work. Apparently the letter was from someone’s sufferer husband and a their colleague. Truth came out. It turned out that my husband asked women who worked in the office to his office to discuss some business, but for 10-15 minutes he was having sex with them. I learned this from the same man who had mailed me the anonymous disclosure – this man admitted it was his. And again I send my husband away. This time, I stayed four months alone. I told myself that I will find myself a lover, but my heart resisted. I did not want or rather did not like anyone else. Apparently the insult was too deep to accept any man close to me. After the fourth month were gone, I agreed my husband to come back home. He was crying my son was crying, I felt sorry for both of them. And I did not think for myself. The bad thing is that I always left myself at the last place.
I guess that in the coming years my husband infidelity had not stopped, just I did not understand whether he was cheating. Nobody sent me anonymous letters, nobody called me on the phone, and my husband supposedly took care of our family. We made love often and we were leading a decent family life. Until last year.

husband infidelity man and woman kissing
A girl called me to tell me that she is expecting a baby from my husband. She was accurate and correct woman and did not want to lie to me. My husband and she were in love and the both expectant parents wanted to live together. The only obstacle was me. But because my husband did not have the courage to tell me, she had to do it by herself. She explained to me she is 19-year-old beautiful blonde, expecting a child. I did not know how to react. My first thought was my husband was 43 years old. He could be her father. Perhaps her father is younger than my husband. I was shocked.

He left me a year ago. Several months later he wanted to continue with our marriage, explaining she was a stupid little girl. However, I have already learned my lesson. At present I am starting a relationship with a fabulous man. I am giving myself a second chance to be happy.

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