Husband Cheating – I Caught Him after 36 Years Marriage

I am 57 years old woman, my husband is 60. When we met we were young, we liked each other from the first sight and got married immediately. We have two children – a son and a daughter. I lived like in a movie for 36 years – my husband took care for us, I thought he loved me, I loved him madly. However, I started a part-time job at an advertising agency as a demonstrator. I have to admit I am extremely attractive woman for my age 176 cm/65 kg. I can say I look like a woman at 35 and one day I had to be on a review till 8 p.m. Things went wrong and I was free at 4 p.m. I took a taxi and went home, my husband should be working by that time. When I got home, the door was locked from the inside, I thought that one of the children is at home. I waited for 10 minutes till finally my husband opened the door. I caught my husband cheating with a “friend” of 62, old, ugly, greedy and squeezed.

husband cheating 60 years old sexy woman

Immediately she went out, but as I entered the house, my husband went into the toilet. I found her socks on the floor in our bedroom. Immediately I slammed the door, and I went to my daughter’s house and told her what was going on.


My husband came apologizing that it was the first time, husband cheating was something new for him, he didn’t expect this to happen. He said it was chemistry, but I was his true love. He swore allegiance and loyalty in the future.


Well, I’m financially dependent – I do not work because in the wake of “democracy” my profession of school psychologist was rejected. My husband had a very lucrative profession and I stayed at home taking care for the children.

Husband cheating made me hate him

I got home with him – I had no home and income. Apparently I forgave him, but every morning I wake up thinking, “I hate you.” I began to find work. Now I have an income, I tried to catch him lying but I don’t know if he had affairs before. He is pretending to be madly in love with me but everything is different now.


I ask for advice from people in my position. I’m confused. I can give professional advice to anyone else but myself. My husband cheating changed my life. I don’t know what to do.



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