Husband Cheating Consequences – It May Happen to You

I want to tell about a story I heard recently about the husband cheating consequences. It touched me deeply and I thought it can happen to anyone. The story is about a man, called Marco, and a woman – Ivana. They were about 40 years old, happily married from 20 years. They didn’t have children, not because they had some health problem, just never thought it was the right moment. However, years past away and now they decided it is time to have a child. Unfortunately, one year had gone since they started trying to conceive but the effect was zero. They went to gynecologist and there seemed to be no obvious problem. By that time Ivana started to get more and more disappointed and frustrated because although she wanted that baby so badly, she couldn’t get pregnant.

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At that time, Marco who worked as a lawyer, decided to open a second office. He went to see one apartment to rent for office with his agent and at the same time at the place came one gorgeous young girl, a law student, who was also interested in renting this apartment. They felt instantly attracted to each other and Marco for the first time in his life felt sorry he is a married man. The agent had to go elsewhere and left Marco and the law student alone at the apartment. He gave Marco the keys for the apartment. Marco and Jana stayed at the apartment for about an hour, talking and flirting. She was fascinated that he is a lawyer and they have so much in common.


Nothing happened there; they just said goodbye and everyone went on his way. When Marco came home he saw his wife desperate, sitting in front of the native pregnancy test. Something made him call the agent and Marco told him he was searching for a probationer for his law firm and asked for the phone number of Jana. So when he received the number, he sent her a message to wait him the next day in the empty apartment. She didn’t respond to his message but at the next day he waited for her for an hour. She didn’t come. And when he was about to leave, she came. Jana thought that if he wanted her, he would wait her to come. So she was checking him. She liked him a lot but she also has noticed the wedding ring on his finger. When they saw each other she kissed him right away and they had sex on the floor. It was magical. That was the best sex in Jana’s life. She left and 5 minutes later she called him to tell that she had lost her earring. Marco found the earring and decided to put it in the car, where his wife wouldn’t find it. However, he forgot it in the pocket of his coat.

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Husband Cheating Consequences


Marco and Jana started seeing regularly in this apartment. Meanwhile the agent wanted his keys back. Finally, Marco decided to rent the apartment and that way the situation became even easier. The husband cheating consequences till that moment were none. One day, Ivana went to take Marco’s clothes from the laundry. She found the earring and get very nervous. She sensed something was going on but didn’t know if she was right. When Marco came home from work she asked him about the earring. He told her that he found it in the office and thought it was his secretary’s earring. He was going to return it to her but he had forgotten.


The lie seemed to be so truthful that Ivana believed him. They continued living their normal life while Marco and Jana were decorating their new apartment. It was like they were building their home. The worst thing is that actually Ivana and Marco were still trying to have a child. Marco didn’t want to divorce because Ivana gave him the security he needed. At the same time, Jana made him feel like he had never felt before.


One day Ivana met the Marco’s agent by accident on the street and he asked her whether she liked Marco’s new office. Ivana pretended that she liked it very much but she had forgotten the address. The agent gave it to her and she decided to go instantly there. When she arrived at the place she noticed her husband’s name is written on the door bell. She knocked on the door and a beautiful young woman opened the door. Jana expected the house manager so she thought this was Ivana. She asked her to come in. Then Ivana told her she was Marco’s wife. Jana didn’t feel guilty. She just felt sorry for Ivana. Jana knew Marco loves her, not Ivana.


When Marco came home, his wife was waiting for him. She was cutting his shirts into pieces. One of husband cheating consequences was Ivana’s nervous break down. However, Marco told her everything. Ivana told him she would forgive him but he must never see that woman again. And he agreed. He kept his promise and never saw Jana again. He didn’t answer the phone when she was calling him, although he wanted to. Ivana and Marco seemed to be happy again and even started making attempts to get pregnant.

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Five months after Marco’s last call to Jana, she came to see him in his and Ivana’s home. When Marco opened the door, he saw Jana – obviously she was pregnant. She was pregnant in the 5th month. This is one of the most common husband cheating consequences and was a real shot for Ivana who was trying to get pregnant. Ivana and Marco got divorced and now he is happily married to Jana. Ivana also married for the second time. She married again for a lawyer who already had two children. So everyone continued with his life.



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