Husband Betrayal – I Caught Him Chatting With His Old Love


HowI found out about my husband betrayal? I have the feeling my life is over. I went in the room where my husband was, and he visibly startled and hided some things on the computer. Until now, I never followed him or have some suspicious because I thought that we have a happy 20-year relationship with 15 years marriage. I asked him what he was trying to hide, as I sensed my husband betrayal, and he told me very angry that I had no reason to ask him and that I have offended him by asking for an explanation.


Very upset by the response I said that, while I am not clear what is happening, there will be a big problem with us. After my stubborn insistence he agreed to check his computer. I found a chat in which he spoke to a girl about his desire to betray me.

Husband Betrayal Man Chatting

Husband Betrayal

It turned out that he was almost a year chatting with a woman, older than him. He had a sexual relationship with this woman when he was 17 years old. At the same time she had an affair with another man, who subsequently she married for. I knew that old story, and my husband has always spoken with contempt for this woman. He called her “a real fox”, “slut”, etc.


In the chat history I read her writings as well. Besides everyday matters, there were things like: “I was with my husband in a hotel and I dreamed that I’d have sex with you …” or “Do not text me at the work address because it is opened by colleagues”. That made my husband betrayal even greater than I thought. I felt deeply hurt.

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I found her GSM number and then threatening to tell and the old and new stories to her husband, she admitted that she first contacted with my husband. My husband betrayal was mainly her fault. Her explanation was that she wanted to clarify the completion of their former relationship. Also, she felt bored from the long marriage and she felt insulted by her husband. Her husband had cheated on her and she wanted revenge.


Please give me advice on how to continue life with my husband who claims that he is sorry for everything that he has done to me. How to overcome the pain of betrayal?


  1. Cindy Dixon November 26, 2016
  2. Cindy Dixon November 26, 2016

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