Cheating with my boyfriend’s son – Real Infidelity

I want to tell you my story about cheating with my boyfriend’s son. It sounds awful, I know but I didn’t know he was his son when I did this terrible thing! Now I don’t know what to do! But let start from the beginning. My name is Sofia and I am 26 years old. 8 months ago I started a relationship with an older man – Tom is 48 years old, handsome man, a real gentlemen. I felt instantly attracted to him. I started a new job and I moved to a new neighborhood. I met Tom at our local store. Actually, we met each other there minimum once a week and we started talking. One day he asked me out just to drink a cup of coffee. I said “Yes” immediately. I liked him and a cup of coffee was something I really needed that morning. Although I had never had a relationship with a man at his age, I liked him very much. We had very much in common – we both loved dogs and liked the same authors. We liked going to the theatre and to opera. It was so interesting being with him.

cheating with my boyfriend's son

He told me he was divorced and had two children – a boy and a girl – but he didn’t want to talk about his family. I didn’t want to talk about them either. Before Tom, I had a relationship with a man my age that lasted 3 years but I have never been so happy, like now – with Tom. We spent a lot of time together and even started thinking about living together. One night I went out with my friends. We went to a disco. Tom does not like loud music and going to discos and clubs was the only thing that missed me in this relationship.


So at the disco, I was drinking cocktails with my friends and I noticed a really cute young man who was not taking his eyes off me. I got flashed just by the thought of him. He was probably my age, incredibly attractive and with the most beautiful and sexy blue eyes I had ever seen. Probably it were the cocktails, probably it was me, or his eyes…. I don’t know but that night I found myself in his bed. This was a magical night! We did it 2 times and I felt the most intense orgasms in my life. He was so passionate and so sexy! On the next morning when I wake up; lying completely naked in his bed I felt that I have betrayed Tom. And Tom was so good to me. But this guy – Jake – was absolutely the most attractive man I have ever met and I couldn’t take him out of my mind. I gave him my phone number and we started seeing each other occasionally.


However, our relationship with Tom was getting more serious. I moved in his apartment and everything seemed ok. One day he told me he is going to spend the day with his son. They had some work to do. So when Jake entered the front door of Tom’s apartment, my first thought was that Jake had come to see me. A few seconds later I heard Tom introducing his son to me. We shake hands and they went out. Then I found out I was cheating with my boyfriend’s son.


I don’t know what to do. Should I leave Tom? Should I leave both of them? I can’t give up them. Cheating with my boyfriend’s son is so complicated!




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