Cheating Boyfriend – I Am Just a Toy for Him

Cheating Boyfriend – What Do I Mean For Him?


It is Friday night, 19.30 o’clock, and the second glass of wine is in my hand. But it is nothing being compared to the bottle I drank last night. I decided not to go out tonight. Actually, there is nobody to be with that night. The man I call my cheating boyfriend is not here. Well, at least I have some time to be alone with myself and to think over the tons of things that I have done for him, because of the cheating boyfriend who is still missing that night. My thoughts are so confused that I can not even tell the story properly, and so much I want to share that at least to feel better.cheating boyfriend man texting

We are together with Frank for about 5 months. I left my ex-boyfriend because of him and I rushed in this relationship without thinking for a second. I knew what he was. I knew he is a cheater, and yet I thought he might be different for me. But is it possible for a 34-year-old man to change himself suddenly?


The most interesting is that after this five months I still have no idea what I’m for him. At one point he is talking to me: “We will be together forever!” He talks about us in the future and for our children. The next moment, however, he is cold like I was his new toy he wants to play with and leave behind.

Everyone was saying that he only wants sex from me and I was also convinced of this. But after I slept with him for the first time, he started calling me and he was saying he is missing me. He was really romantic. He surprised me with roses or left me romantic notes. He even invited me to come to his house for a few days. Throughout he behaved beautifully, cared for me like I was a small child. I liked the attention.

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Three days ago, while he was out with colleagues, I turned on the PC. There was no Internet, but the history in Skype has left. I started reading it and I felt very uncomfortable that Frank writes to strangers girls. He was sending them kisses, talking to them how sweet they were, asking them when they would meet. I wanted to pack my things and get out.

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When he came home, I didn’t open the question. However, I was happy to see my cheating boyfriend.

He went into the bathroom, I took his phone and saw he had erased everything – calls and messages. It felt strange.

I swear that I am not of those who delved into paranoid phones girlfriends. I did it for the first time. I feel pathetic and now I think he is with me, waiting only to appear new cute girl, but I would be already an old song. I am so disappointed and sad…

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