Women G-Spot – How to Become a Master in Bed!

The lack of new sexual experiences in the marriage is one of the major reasons why one of the partners cheats. If you find the G-spot of your wife, she would never even think about having sex with another man. Do you want to become a true master in bed by learning more about one of the greatest mysteries – women G-spot? Here we will reveal the secrets about everything you should know about women G-spot!

women g-spot

In stimulation (or just touching) the women G-spot is hypersensitive and could create a momentary or rapid orgasm in the woman. It can be reached and stimulated with both fingers and penis during sexual intercourse. During sex, it is sometimes necessary for the two partners to stand in a more specific position where the partner directly reaches, presses and rests on the G-point in penetration to allow its stimulation. The orgasms in the woman caused by stimulation of the women G-spot are usually strong, long and often described by women as “shaking.”

women g-spot woman experiencing orgasm

Do you know that there are 3 erogenous zones in women that are actually more effective than women G-spot?


“A – Spot” / 11% of women have found it


Where is:


It’s on the same wall as the women G-spot. You can find it on the inner front end of the vaginal canal, between the cervix and the bladder.


How to influence it positively:


Direct stimulation can cause very strong orgasms. It is precisely this area that is not widely known, so quite a few women have enjoyed great pleasure, missionary posture is most appropriate.

women g-spot how to find it

The “O – Spot” / 8% of women have found it


Where is:


Find the women G-spot, rotate your finger in the opposite wall, and a little deeper, find a spot, just opposite the G-spot, that’s the O-point.


How to influence it positively:


Stimulation of this point leads to tantric orgasm. Many women describe it as weaker, but deeper as a sensation. Again there are differences between individuals. Tantric orgasm is rare and is accompanied by ejaculation of the woman. The idea is to release the negative emotions and fill the woman with a light, euphoric energy and a sense of satisfaction and peace. This orgasm is very deep.


With Deep Penis Penetration, you can reach the cervix. For most women, it is at a depth of between 8 and 11 cm. However, with strong agitation, the vaginal opening widens and becomes deeper, therefore the distance increases.


How to influence this spot positively: either with stimulation with a finger, or better with a penis or a vibrator. This zone is most susceptible to ovulation (usually between 13 and 16 days). Then the pleasure of women is most noticeable.


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