What Kind of a Man Should I Marry? (Part 2)

What Kind of a Man Should I Marry? (Part 2)

Should I Marry? How to know if he or she is the right one for you and whether or not to get married to them

Fourth. We tend to attract a partner that can help us heal our traumas which we carry from our childhood. For example, the trauma of the rejected child or that we do not deserve something. In order for us to stand up against these traumas, the Universe sends us partners that resemble our parents’ in character. But when we were little, we had no choice and could not heal them. That is why we are currently doing this with our present partner. So, if you feel that he is affecting you and does things similar to those your parents used to do, it means you have found the right person.

What Kind of a Man Should I Marry

Fifth and very important rule – check his family. A few years ago this was the initial and most important step – a check of the family and it as a very good tradition. Before stepping into serious relation with someone, see where he comes from. What are the relations between his parents, what are the secrets hidden in that family. This does not mean that if you happen to find out that most of the members of his family are alcoholics, you should run, but the risk of him becoming one is definitely high. Once you have got to all the information about the family background, you can take a decision. But it is important to be aware of things and not to be surprised if this happens. We almost always repeat the models that have been set for our family.

Sixth – ask yourself if you want to have children with him?With similar looks and qualities like him? How would you feel, if you found out you were pregnant, expecting a baby from him? This is a question for which we usually cannot lie to ourselves because every woman has motherly instincts and the topic of children is sacred to her. If your answer is “yes, I want to have kids with him”, you are on the right way. If it is a no – stop and give yourself more time to realize what is going on inside of you.

And lastly: there are no wrong relationships. No matter what choice you make – this is exactly the right choice for you. This is exactly what your heart and soul need. Just except everything the University offers to you with gratitude. You have attracted those men into your life – learn to be aware of that fact!

I wish for more happy families around the world that get married with love and happiness!

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