What Kind of a Man Should I Marry? (Part 1)

What Kind of a Man Should I Marry?

 Kind of a Man Should I Marry

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Should I Marry? How to know if he or she is the right one for you and whether or not to get married to them

Women have high expectations of men in today’s society. We constantly want and demand something and we are never really content with anything. Besides, no one really wants to be married to a partner that is actually equal to them – we usually search for a partner who is better than us.

I would go as far as to say that the more expectations a woman holds and the more handsome she wants her prince to be, the more she pushes herself away from genuinely happy relationships.
There was a study on what kind of couple could really be called happy and it turned out to be people that have accepted the fact that they are “simple”, meaning that they do not want to be special. The more we want to be special, the more special the relationship that we have needs to be and, of course, then it becomes more complicated and complex.

A big step to having really happy relationships is to accept your own simplicity. Let’s take in the fact that we are only human beings, after all. We are simply just men or women. And when you finally get to realize that, notice what your soul and heart long for. Our soul does not need diamonds and a house in South France. It craves for happiness!

The first really important standard regarding who you should marry – this is the person who, upon seeing him, you feel instant joy. Even if he is not doing anything. The very fact that he exists and is there makes you feel happy. Please, do not enter a relationship, if you do not feel joy. If we step into marriage out of fear or need for security, these fears and needs will continue growing more and more in your relationship.

Secondly, in order for the family to be successful, there needs to be some tension between the two of you (in the way) and there needs to be polarity. Choose someone that has absolutely different qualities from you, BUT has the same values as you. This is extremely important! Without this, nothing will come out of it. There needs to be harmony and you need to complete each other in order to create a happy and stable family.

Third – do not hurry.Often, because of our own insecurity, fear, and uncertainty, we go too fast in a relationship. Fearing that, if you do not give him sex or do not do something special, he will run away. If you feel like you need more time to get to know him and trust him – say it to him honestly.


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