Sex Problems in Marriage

Sex Problems in Marriage – 6 Ways Sex Can Ruin Your Marriage


If you are experiencing sex problems in marriage, don’t leave the things that way. If your partner has stopped trying for the common pleasure, try first to gently approach to the subject. Flirty and kindly share what you are missing some of the things he/she used to do before and during sex. If this does not work, be a little more direct. Say you no longer feel the same enthusiasm from his / her part in sex and this spoil much of your relationship. If he / she doesn’t care about your feelings and needs, perhaps you should seriously think about how important you are for this person.


Lack between mental and physical arousal. Of course, you can try solving sex problems in marriage with experimenting new techniques and postures in bed, using special sex toys, etc. But partners in marriage should focus not only on the instigation of the body, but also on the brain. Sex is best when marriage partners are both physically and mentally tuned intimate caresses.

Sex problems man and woman in bed

Routine and boredom. You are now enough time together that you know very well what and how exactly will happen in intimate relationships with a partner. Sex becomes too predictable. To reawaken passions and to get rid of boredom in bed, bring something unusual in a sexual repertoire: try new positions or intimate games, surprise your partner with a story about his erotic imagination or daring desire. Drastically change your behavior in bed: take control into your own hands and go more vigorously. But remember what read in the upper rows – first excite your mind. Everything has to come naturally.

sex problems in marriage

Lack of emotional intimacy. The attitude you have to one another when you have sex is rather determined from the quality of your sex life, and the whole of your marriage. Partners who often argue, complain of each other and still find the fault in the other person, rarely enjoy the wonderful sexual experiences. Strengthen relationships with improving communication with more time to spend together and show that you love and appreciate the other person in the relationship. Learn to replace critical tone or demonstrations of satisfaction from his uprightness with respectful words and compassionate phrases and intonation. And do not forget to make small gestures with which to enjoy your partner. Happier days together certainly will lead you to a richer sex life.

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Discrepancy in sexual desires. If the one partner has a strong exhibited desirable for sex, let’s not bother continuously the other partner with intimate needs for erotic entertainment. And in any case do not offend him/her because of his/her low libido. Do not threaten the other partner to satisfy your sexual needs elsewhere if he/she doesn’t please you. If you have a significantly higher libido than the one of your partner, you must accept that the physical expression of love is directly related to the quality of the emotional closeness of the couple. Try to make some compromise so as to improve your sex life. Yet the best talk.

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Social networks. Lately we’re all so obsessed with social networking that we are constantly bent our heads over smartphones. It is not useful, because the electronic devices take the attention of the partners of each other. This habit most affects the communication between you two. It’s nice to have both borders sifting through social networks to be able to pay enough attention to each other and chat live. It is proved that social networks cause many sex problems in marriage and are often a reason for divorce.

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