Positive Aspects of Marriage


Positive Aspects of Marriage – Should I Make This Step


Still wondering whether to get married? It is a huge step and will lead to changes in your lifestyle. Is it worth it? What you will win and what you will lose? If you’ve met the right person, do not hesitate. It’s worth it! Here are some of the positive aspects of marriage who can tip the scales in the right direction.

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  1. Marriage leads to higher life expectancy: Studies have shown that happy couples live longer than singles, divorcees and dissatisfied with their relationship couples an average of four years. Unhappy cohabitation increases the chances a person gets sick from various diseases by 35%, and even shortens life by four years. Scientists already know about these differences, but the reasons are not clear. Part of the explanation is that people in unfortunate couples experience more negative emotions and are subjected to chronic physical and emotional stress. Stress impairs both physical and psychological health. It is a factor in strokes, heart attacks, ulcers, hypertension, depression, anxiety, alcoholism, substance abuse.


positive aspects of marriage

  1. Marriage makes people happier: on of the positive aspects of marriage is that married people report higher levels of happiness (135% more than single men). They experience greater stability and sense of support that allows them to thrive in other areas of life. In the marriage partners have the opportunity to meet the most important needs and experience more intimate moments.



  1. Marriage means you have a partner till the end of your life: Technically speaking, it is not necessary to have a family, to have children and to ensure your offspring. However, the family is still the preferred way to create, raising and educating children. Being a father or mother is one of the most important goals and desires of most people, and the family is the most stable and secure environment for the realization of this goal.


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  1. Marriage increases the purchasing power: It means an increase in family income and cost sharing for purchases you make. Although the family requires more expenses, the additional income exceeds that price. This means that you can afford things that alone you won’t be able to afford – better housing, car, holidays and other pleasant things. Moreover, most people become more responsible for finance and experiencing a greater incentive to increase their income when liable not only for yourself.



  1. Marriage means more sex: One of the positive aspects of marriage is having more sex than singles. Studies prove this fact. 23% of unmarried people do not have sex, sometimes for a year. While unmarried spend time in clubs and spend money in order to gain someone’s attention, the family are at home and have sex with their partner.


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  1. Marriage means better sex: Sex for one night can be exciting for the thrill of the new and unknown, but too often sex with an unknown partner is not so satisfying experience. The partner in marriage knows your preferences, your body, and also knows how to give you pleasure and enjoyment. Prolonged sex with the same person allowed to experiment, which enriches the sexual experience. It also allows partners to fully disclose to each other and to share their deepest desires, which is difficult to be done before a stranger.



  1. Marriage protects you from the fear of loneliness: We all know that we will not live forever. Most are terrified from the thought of being alone. From this perspective, living together is an investment in the future. Of course, this imposes certain restrictions, but in return, each partner gets lasting relationships, a close person he/she can rely on good and bad.




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