Parent Child Communication – How to Improve It

Parent child communication is extremely important for having strong and healthy relationship with your kids. Time with the kids … Some say it is not important how much time you spend with your kids, the importance comes from the quality of the time, devoted to your children. Perhaps this excuse has resulted in the sad statistics that today fathers (and many mothers) spend less than 10 minutes a day with their children. So it is not surprising that when children become teenagers, parent don’t see anything of themselves, of their values ​​and beliefs deposited in the outlook of those who will inherit them.

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It turns out that the media, peers and other forming influences have played their role and injected a different kind of value system – the views of children’s lives are built by everyone else, except for their parents.


I suggest you today to do a self-assessment and to be as honest with yourself as you can and answer the following questions. Take steps to change in the relationship with your children by improving parent child communication:

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1. Parent child communication – Do you talk to your children?

Statistics show that children today yearn not so much about Barbie or for branded soccer ball – they want just that: to talk with mum and dad. I know it sounds elementary, but in today’s fast-paced century it proved a real challenge. The father returned from work with glazed eyes and sits immediately in front of the TV. Mom also returns from work and starts cooking, ironing and cleaning. And what do kids know? They play Age of Empares, Diablo or watch some rubbish on TV.

It is necessary to include spending time with your children in your everyday schedule. Once you have devoted this particular time, it is necessary to stick to it and just have fun.

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2. Do you know the world of children?

If you do not know the wishes, thoughts and longings of your children, it will most likely be difficult to talk to them. Access to children’s heart is not easy, especially if demanding one thing and do another.


How well do you know the world of children? A good way to find it out is to get a day off from work for them and spend it the way they want. Ask your children what they like to do, show them that you are genuinely concerned about their feelings. You may even break the rules, of course within the normal range. Personally, from my experience I have found that what causes the respect of children is not necessarily a crude tone of the parent – this is the ability to have fun with them and went down to their level without getting too familiar. This is the most precious memories that will remain in the children’s memory over the years!

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3. Do you take special time with each of your children?

Each child is an individual and therefore will need your undivided attention. When you are planning time with your children, plan separately specific time for each of them. That way you will lead the competition between children in the family to a minimum!

Well, I made you you wonder? Take these principles for improving parent child communication, stick to them and keep this wonderful time with your children!


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