Marriage Problems – Lost interest in intimacy?

Marriage Problems – Top 7 Tips How to Solve Them?


1. He / she is dissatisfied with your attitude.

If you have marriage problems with your spouse and you can not reach consensus, as neither wants to compromise, it is very possible sexual desire in the couple to evaporate completely. The desire for intimacy is directly related to how a person feels in his/her marriage relationship. If among you there are lingering dissatisfaction, lack of respect and communication problems, there won’t be regular sex.

  1. Sex can be painful.

For some women, sex can be painful or unpleasant, for some reason, which may be associated with disease (changes in vaginal wetness, bleeding, infections). Sometimes men and women have hormonal problems that can also lead to a decrease in libido.

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3. You stopped touching.

Sex is much more than an exercise in bed. Partners have to make the physical touch a priority (kissing, caressing, hugging, rubbing). That is a sign they are still attracted to each other.

4. He / she is on the brink of strength.

It is possible that your spouse really suffer from chronic fatigue associated with his work or the rhythm of life and really is not up for having sex. The exhaustion is a reality, not a myth. If you see that your partner needs more rest and recharge the batteries, try to help him in this endeavor.

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5. Your partner has stopped noticing you.

Years ago, sex researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson said that all that is necessary to maintain a good, stable relationship is to maintain a satisfactory sex life. If you feel that your beloved seems disinterested in sex with you, then try to intrigue him somehow. Maybe you have lost your luster? Perhaps you’ve forgotten how to be more enticing? Perhaps you’ve neglected yourself? All these are possible reasons for the lack of interested of your spouse. Low self-esteem of one of the marriage partners is the main cause for marriage problems.

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6. Sex has become routine.

Over time, sexual life can become quite boring and too predictable – the same positions, same time and place of the action and so on. Try to change the scene of the event, create a romantic atmosphere with candles and soft music, use your imagination to bring something new into the intimate life, so it really be more sexy.


7. Your partner does not feel an emotional connection with you.

Instead of thinking how to revive your sex life, focus a little more on the emotional connection with your mate. Maybe you both stopped to talk and to share, and gradually the marriage will fall apart. Maybe you do not spend enough time together or do not share the same interests anymore which is one of the most common marriage problems. Spend more time together, go on a vacation, go swimming – just enjoy the same activities with the partner.


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