Marriage Advice – Return the Passion in Marriage

Marriage Advice – Do You Need Help for Refreshing Your Relationship

If you are married from more than 5 years, it is very likely your sexual relationship with the partner has turned into a routine. You are doing the same things in bed, and you are making sex only in bed. That sounds boring, doesn’t it? Remember the old times before you got married and had kids… it was a lot of fun, I guess. If you need a marriage advice how to spice up your relationship, check our tips.

Make a morning sex at least once a week

Morning sex is a favorite activity for men, but not liked particularly by women. However, women should rediscover it because it is a great way to start the day. You can do it quickly and giddily. There is nothing more energizing exercise early in the morning. Even coffee will not wake you up more than morning sex!

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Surprise your partner

The most effective marriage advice is to surprise your partner. Passion is supported mostly by surprises. To distract boring routine in bed and beyond, show your partner that you think about him and want to surprise and impress him, although you are married. You can meet him naked at the front door when he comes back home. Surprise him with his favorite dish. Light the candles and make a home more comfortable and predisposing place to passionate games.


Spend at least one night a week to carry out fantasies

Everyone has intimate fantasies that he/she not always share with his/ her partner, but he/she wants to. Choose a day from the week which will be intended for the performance of your mutual fantasies. It’s fun, and will remove any barriers between you two.

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Flirt again

It is not true that the flirt is only for young couples or those who still have not married. You can flirt with your longtime partner and there is nothing wrong, on the contrary.

Flirting will again inflame passions among you. Your partner will want to have you at the moment. He will keep you in his thoughts after you have made a dirty hint, and then you let him go to work.



Try new sex positions


It is always beneficial for your relationship with the partner to try a new sex posture from time to time. One of the biggest killers of passion and desire is uniform sex. If every time you do it in a missionary position or at most you change it with the Cowgirl position probably you will not have sex that often.


Helpful marriage advice – you should try a new position every week and see whether you will like it. Some positions will turn you on more than others, some will make you laugh, others will seem impossible to implement, but one thing is certain – you will get much closer immensely!


Make sex in a public place like you used to do

Youth and unbridled passion makes us do pranks. If you’ve done it before in places where you can get caught – do it again! Feel again 20 years old! Try sex in the cinema or in the park; turn your imagination on and see what will happen.

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Send sexy messages to your spouse


Take advantage of all possible modern technologies. In applications in chats there are so sweet ways to show your beloved that you think about him/her!


Challenge each other

Whether you do it in a public place or at home alone, triggering a really fun and sexy game. You can do it with words, with terms, etc. Unleash your imagination.



Do reconciliation sex

Easy to say, but why is it difficult to perform ?! The sex after a scandal is the most exciting and passionate experience for a couple. If you have not done this before – give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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