Sex Myths – Experts Debunked Popular Sex Myths

In our ideas of sex, the truths are tinged with delusions. Aaron Carroll and Rachel Wriman of the University of Indiana have devoted an entire book to analyzing the most common sex myths. Here are some of them.


Myth 1

Men want sex more strongly than women

This is one of the most common myths, according to Aaron Carroll. “According to research, half of the men (in their words) think of sex several times during the day. This means that the other half of them are less often controlled by such thoughts and sufferings. For women, the proportion of those who think of sex permanently is less – about 18%. But if we talk about an average level of attraction, the differences are not so significant. ”


It is not true that men have sex more than women, the researcher continues, “Take the lonely men aged 18 to 24. About half of them did not have sex during the year.” Interestingly, 5% of loners Women in this age group reported having had sex four or more times a week and only 2% of men, and this situation is preserved until their 30th anniversary and only then men are ahead of women. ”

sex myths revealed

Myth 2

Oysters and chocolate intensify the desire

Aaron Carroll is skeptical: “There is an element of self-belief in sexual excitement: if one believes that this or another product acts exciting, he will feel this excitement. The question is, if you eat the oysters without knowing in advance their supposed properties, will you feel excited? ”


Trends can be found to confirm the exciting effect of some products, but data from a large sample, subject to rigorous scientific methods, do not exist. Some are examples of mice that are excited when eating certain foods. But we understand that human sexuality is made much more complicated. With food in the body falling certain substances, but that’s not all yet. Sexuality depends to a large extent on the psychological state.

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Myth 3

Circumcision reduces the pleasure of sex

I have listened very much that circumcision is a bad idea because it reduces the sensitivity of the penis. After the removal of this sensitive flesh, the head of the member will be constantly rubbed into the underwear, it will shrink and will react less favorably to stimuli, “writes Aaron Carroll . There are studies that convincingly prove the unfoundedness of these concerns. Men questioned about possible changes in the sensations after circumcision confirm that manipulation not only did not create a problem in their intimate life, but, judging by everything, increased the sensitivity of the penis.


Myth 4

The average length of the penis is 18 centimeters – one of the widely spread sex myths

Concern about the length of penis obsesses with some men and becomes manic in character. To a large extent, it is nourished by the infatuations of other, as obsessive men, Carol thinks. “There is a difference between what they talk about the length of their penis men and the real picture that doctors give urologists. The average length of the male penis, according to the men surveyed, is between 15 and 17 centimeters, and according to the urologists – 10 to 13 centimeters. Carol, however, emphasizes that this is average data.

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Myth 5

Wet dreams are only dreamt of men – proven false sex myths

Erotic sleep, leading to an orgasm from which you wake up, despite the widespread opinion, happens even more often to women than to men, says Carol. According to the Kinsey Institute, even during the conservative times of the 1950s, 40% of women reported having an orgasm in their sleep.


Myth 6

Almost everything written about the mythic point G

Is there really a point G? Collective wisdom responds positively. Most women talk about a particularly sensitive area at the front of the vagina.


Unfortunately, we can not support these statements with scientific data. We can not find a common area where nerve endings are more concentrated elsewhere, says the scientist. Judging by everything, G’s point is a matter of personal conviction – our body sensations often reflect not the real picture but our expectations – one of the most popular sex myths revealed!


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