Best Woman to Marry: The Qualities of the Perfect Woman

Before marrying a girl, many men think whether this is the best woman to marry. The scientists decided to approach the issue scientifically and helped with a list of these qualities that the ONE should possess – the future wife, the mother of the children and the caretaker of the family.

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The conclusions of the scientists about the best woman to marry:


From a scientific point of view, a good wife must have a mind. The girl’s intellect must be no less than that of the man. A smart woman must be able to push her male to new exploits and achievements to bring home a fresh mammoth. The scientists have clarified that the man of the smart woman is not suffering from old-fashioned illness.


It has to be fair. In the opinion of the scientific community, this is a great advantage for the family caretaker.

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In addition, the best woman to marry must be optimistic. Negative people emit such energy. And with a positive adjustment, problems are easier to solve and easier to live with.


The ability to make compromises in situations of significant differences in the views and perceptions of the two partners is one of the most important qualities.

The passion in relationships often burns out, extinguished by domesticism, and then the character manifests itself, which does not always resonate with the character of the second half of the family. The ability to listen and to render the girl indispensable.

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In the opinion of the scientists, the best woman to marry should be able to understand her man’s sense of humor. So she shows her respect for him and shows understanding of his inner world.


Scientists believe it is particularly important for the best woman to marry to have a positive attitude towards her parents. A girl who respects her father and mother will also respect her husband. Look at her family atmosphere and if there are any conflicts in that part of her life, try to help the corners smooth out.


Girl good-natured can save marriage. If the family finds itself in a difficult situation, it has to support, not condemn. The readiness for this strengthens the union between the two.


Another quality strengthens marriage – the ability for joint entertainment. Innocent jokes and joy are capable of making the marriage happy. If you are comfortable with the second half, it is not important what others will think when you are glad.

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Self-sufficiency and autonomy – however strange, these qualities strengthen the relationship. If the girl has her own interests she realizes in life, it makes her happy. And if she is happy, the man beside her will also be rewarded with similar feelings.


And the last thing scientists pay attention to for the best woman to marry – the ability to take the person to yourself with all its flaws. If at the beginning of the relationship the girl is annoyed by some traits of character or some of the daily rituals of the man beside her, this is the first step to failure. Over time these feelings will intensify, and separation will be more painful. If the maid accepts her partner as she is, it is a sign of mature love, ready for everything.


Men, well, do you think these qualities are yours? If yes, there is nothing to think of! Find a ring and offer your hand and your heart!

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