Effect of Divorce on Parents and Children

Effect of Divorce on Parents and Children

Effect of divorce on parents and children – how it changes their lives

Effect of Divorce on Children

Child listening his parents fight

A huge per cent of the couples decide to divorce without much thinking. They do not consider the consequences after the divorce, and are unprepared to face the challenges of life then. End of marriage is not the end of hostilities in houses, on the contrary – the problems are just beginning. Very often anger and hostility prevail and even remarriage does not solve the problem. In fact, repeated marriages are much higher degree of risk than the first. Divorced parents do not boast a very good relationship with their children – almost two thirds of adolescents of separated parents have bad relationships with them.

Effect of Divorce on Parents

Parents behavior while devorcing

First effect of divorce on parents: Financial problems

Recent studies show a 30% decrease in the standard of living of women who have experienced divorce. The most serious financial challenges are noticedamong women who are struggling with the emotional pain of separation and at the same time are forced to fend for themselves and their children.

Pessimistic outlook on life

Pessimistic outlook on life

Second effect of divorce on parents: Pessimistic outlook on life

Divorced men and women are significantly more pessimistic outlook on life than married couples (which, incidentally, have the most positive expectations of the future). Interesting study also showed that those couples who were unhappy in their marriage, but remain married five years later are happier than those who are divorced.

Health disorders

Thinking Woman

Third effect of divorce on parents: Health disorders

Health consequences are so serious that they can not go unnoticed. The divorce leaves an incredible emotional scar on the psyche of the individual which, in turn, has an impact on physical fitness. One example – after being diagnosed with cancer, married people show much more likely to recover than the divorced.

Interference in mental health

Interference in mental health

Forth effect of divorce on parents: Interference in mental health

Both men and women suffer from a decline in their mental condition after experienced separation, but it seems that women suffer much more – there are a number of factors, such as depression, hostility, low self-confidence and unwillingness to communicate with others.

However, the negative effect of end of marriage is a problem, concerning not only parents but also children.

negative effect of divorce

negative effect of divorce on children

Children have a strong inner conviction that mom and dad need to be able to deal with any conflict. Divorce undermines their security and the ability of parents to care for them fully. End of marriage, from the perspective of children is a betrayal of them and no one can convince them otherwise – in fact, children subconsciously began to reject the attendee and the absent parent.

Of course, we can not say that this will happen with 100 percent certainty – the effects of separation on children are not guaranteed. And the saddest finding applies to all children – divorce, leaving a lasting and long-term mark on their personality, their views on life and their relationship.

effect of divorce on children parents

child in middle of his parents

First effect on children: Low academic performance

Children of divorced families show a decline in the level of their knowledge, low valuations and a greater chance of not completing high school.

Second effect on children: Deviant behavior

The chance to be committed criminal act to use drugs, alcohol and resume premature sexual activity is much greater for a child with a history of divorce.

Third effect on children: Poverty

Due to the fact that in most cases the income of the parent after divorce significantly decreased the possibility a child with divorced parents living in poverty is five times more than a child with married parents.

Forth effect on children: Low physical and mental condition

Children suffer emotionally (though not always visible) by the absence of their parents. The emotional wounds are aggravated by entering puberty and may accompany them throughout their lives.

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