Infidelity Theory – Difference between Men and Women

Some time ago in another article about infidelity theory I wrote that the first sign of trouble in a couple is the deterioration of sex and later as its dilution rate. The topic of sex is very delicate, so I’ll try to sneak around it, despite the tendency sometimes to express myself with the grace and elegance of an elephant.


Sex persist so many clichés that it is absolutely impossible to analyze here each of them. But that’s not my goal. Cliché, which will form the basis of this hypothesis concerns the notion of different things that both sexes are looking for sex. Usually, the social explanation is that most men are looking for sex, mostly because of the sex itself by physiological experience.  The majority of women are seeking sex primarily because of the emotional feeling that brings them.

infidelity theory difference between men and women

The main elements that unite both genders with regard to sex are the quality and quantity of exchanged tenderness and warmth. That is what infidelity theory is based on. The main motive that puts women and men in foreign beds is the lack of tenderness and warmth in their own beds. The only kind of sex that brings pleasure and satisfaction of both sexes is sex brimming with tenderness and warmth.

Infidelity theory – the reason for cheating is …

Infidelity theory – female friendship is very special phenomenon from a psychological point of view. What happens in one female friendly couple? We will examine the elements of the relationship entirely on the position of unconscious reasons for the link as they are only relevant in the case.



Female friendship

Female friendly couple is practical copy-paste relationship “mother-daughter” in a wonderful aspect. This aspect excludes most essential element upsetting the relationship, namely the authoritarian attitude of mother to daughter. Although here and there is always the dominant partner, its dominance is not as rough as expressed in the original “mother-daughter”. It is more acceptable to both parties inherent condition. In such a friendly couple, the woman gets everything necessary to exist sufficiently emotionally stable, regardless of the status of relations with partner-man. In it she gets tenderness, warmth, support, compassion and good company, managed to largely offset the impact of family problems.

Obtained including possible physical manifestation of all these emotions and feelings. It is socially acceptable, for example, two women hugging, kissing and dancing together. It is normal and it does not suggest a controversial sexual orientation. Moreover, in most cases, women from such a friendly couple do not create additional problems with male partners, such as friendship is not common ground for jealousy.

Another essential element in the women’s friendship is the content of the conversations concerning men. On the one hand, it is poured largely aggression and dissatisfaction accumulated to partner-man, without be accompanied by feelings of guilt.  On the other hand, this outpouring was accompanied by a demonstration of understanding and borrowing adequate supporting position of the girlfriend. At the same time talks about men (men other than your partner) have a double positive effect for women. Part of the effect is the fact that such talks act as fantasy experience of infidelity without actually be implemented this part of the effect serves as a preventive controller error that would be made in real infidelity. In both cases again we release (in varying degrees) of guilt and accompanying anxiety and restlessness.

infidelity theory cheating


Male Frienship

In friendship between men they can gain understanding, support and good company. However, there is no socially acceptable ways to get the most important elements incite infidelity, namely tenderness and warmth. For one reason or another, men hugging, kissing and dancing with other men do not look kindly. A prima vista it can be formulated as a friendly couple “man-woman”. The problem is that for many reasons such a friendly couple is difficult to achieve. Relationships always develop (deepen) and passes or some other level (real infidelity) or the couple apart (emotional or physical). This again leaves a man with a deficit of tenderness and warmth. This deficiency can be compensated only in one way, namely by real infidelity.


Unfortunately for women, biological and cultural-anthropological subject is the basic source of tenderness and warmth are the women themselves. Men meet the manifestations of these elements mainly if previous are displayed by the woman. That is the base of infidelity theory – in search for warmth, understanding, kindness, support and protection men need a woman. If the man cannot find the needed feelings in his own wife or partner, he looks for them somewhere else.



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