Infidelity Facts – Did You Know That

Infidelity Facts – Did You Know That …

Who cheats more – men or women?

Infidelity can destroy the relationship for a moment, and left deep scars in the minds of the partner. It intrigued scientists for their discoveries gradually give her face.

Here are 15 interesting infidelity facts:


  1. Men engage in infidelity due to sexual pleasure and women seek emotional security.
  2. Nearly 60% of love affairs start in the workplace.
  3. Half of all cases of men with injuries during sex are due to infidelity. Experts believe that the men were too excited and most often have sex in unusual places.
  4. Blondes cheat the most. On second place are the redheads. The most faithful are brunettes, only 11% of them cheat.
  5. Women believe that men with a deep voice are more prone to infidelity than those with higher voice.


Infidelity Facts – Curious facts about cheating

 infidelity facts

  1. Infidelity is not the leading cause of divorce in the first place are finance. Cheating does not always prove that people are not happy with their marriage.
  2. Nearly 56% of men who cheat on their spouse, say they are happy in their marriage, while women of the same opinion are only 34 %.
  3. Half of marriages survive infidelity – one of the most positive infidelity facts
  4. Men cheat more often than women, but in the last 20 years more and more women engage in infidelity.
  5. Experts say female infidelity is due to financial independence.

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  1. Only 12% of men say that their lover is more attractive than their wife – one of the most surprising infidelity facts.
  2. Almost 68% of men feel remorse for adultery.
  3. The risk of infidelity is five times greater if the man earns less than your spouse.
  4. Most men who are cheating work in the financial shpere and women who cheat work in the education sphere.
  5. Almost 9% of men and 14% of women truancy to revenge on a cheating “spouse.”

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