Infidelity Causes – Infidelity is Allowed, But Only in These Situations

Infidelity is something immoral, illogical, and it is good to avoid it. Each of us is ready to reprove the people who allow themselves not to be faithful to their partner. However, this is not always the right approach. Sometimes there are infidelity causes which we cannot deny.


To cheat, a person must have his / her serious reasons. Unless it is a fleeting crash, in most cases behind every systemic infidelity there are a number of reasons. Reasonable or not, they help the cheater to justify himself.


Cheating in another country is allowed – everyone has heard this ugly rule, which, it turns out, is an excuse for many when they want to cheat. No matter how principle they are, some simply can not resist the compilation of moments – a magnetic stranger, adrenaline, and a good mood.

infidelity causes woman hiding from husband

  1. The other partner has cheated – one of the major infidelity causes


Many people consider it absolutely normal to cheat the person who caused them the same. The truth is that if you love a particular person, but he changes you, it is much more logical to simply leave him. The option of punishment with the same poison is definitely not the best idea, but it can justify you;


  1. He is far away – stupid but extremely popular infidelity causes


Far from the eyes, far from the heart. When the partner is away, physical needs do not go with him. Some find nothing wrong with indulging in love, but without love. Several postures and several orgasms – this is not an infidelity, but just a substitute until the partner returns;


  1. He has allowed you


Open relationships allow one or both partners to do what they want. If you have the other’s permission to have sex with other people, this is not even an infidelity. However, according to some, when you need physical contact with strangers, the person next to you is not the right one;

Infidelity causes

  1. Sex is a mirage


The reason your partner does not want to be intimate is two – he either has another one or has a physiological problem. When it is the second one, you can understand, but you do not stop insisting that the problem is resolved speedily. But do you feel that he is cheating on you, it’s time to think if it’s time for him to leave. And while they think, some surrender to infidelity;

Infidelity causes reasons

  1. When everything is over – the saddest of all infidelity causes


The saddest occasion for adultery, but it is a new beginning. When one feels he is emotionally relieved of a relationship in which he is still present only because of a coincidence, he feels free to cheat.


In couples who live together, but habit, boredom and routine are an integral part of everyday life, it is also cheating. Foreign caresses often awaken the sleeping relationships and lead to a logical separation. Infidelity in classical style, it can be fruitful.


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