Clever Cheater – Why Infidelity Is Necessary

Infidelity has the most beautiful face. It makes you melt from pleasure. It makes you want tell everyone about it. You want to show off. However, its hypocrisy is appalling. Because infidelity has a second face – ugly, sweaty, smeared with a thick layer of makeup … It is in front of your eyes when the victim of infidelity is you. At this point you are going to dump your strong fist in the nose of your partner. You are watching his face and you are asking for divorce. But you are not going to do that. For some reason the person who has betrayed your trust is advising you to get some sleep. He claims that the morning was wiser than the evening. Furthermore, he says, the family has children, one-bedroom apartment and some even small savings. You may lose everything. Such can be the consequences if the infidelity becomes obvious to the public and especially to the partner and his lawyers.  So here you will learn how to be a clever cheater.

clever cheater infidelity marriage

Adultery is really like a bomb in the family bedroom. Everyone chooses himself: are you going to stay faithful to your partner till the rest of your lives or will bring that bomb into your bedroom and will wait it to explode? Despite the risk, or perhaps because of it, the intelligent men and women prefer the second position. And indicate at least five reasons that not only justify but make infidelity necessary.


  1. Curiosity


The man never looks behind the door, if he has not hidden there.



Where is the most interesting place in the world for men? No, not the pyramids or waterfalls, or even “Camp Nou” in Barcelona, it is under the sheets of some Aphrodite. Women also desire to take a close look of the bed of another star Apollo risen in last night’s reality TV. Because there is no doubt what’s there, is far different from what your partner offers. What’s under that canopy, asks the soul. What perfection lies. Hardly smells of cooking like in the family bedroom. Either he snores like a tractor. The only way to answer all those burning questions is to check. Curiosity … How to tame it, crush and dispose of her mind after a raging volcano. You can not. Then take a shower, perfume and go. That way you will be a clever cheater.

finding cheater man looking under bed

  1. The memory


I bore infidelities of my husband to extent I loved my lover.



You don’t have memories from sleep, say the sages. And chastity – also supplement their teachers. Monogamous is a gray and boring person. He is tedious even to himself, according to psychologists even avant-garde. In order to be able to look into the future, it is right often to go back to the past, say philosophers. And what would find a husband / or wife who has never cheated? No emotions high decibels, secret meetings and key of a foreign room, as the song goes. Only minor scandals and relaxes in the spa bath. How to tell that to your close friends? Shame. Silence. Listen then the stories of those who were more immoral and smart. And envy.

Clever Cheater

  1. Family Love


God created love, to experience betrayal.



Strange as it may sound, there is nothing more beneficial and healing for marriage as infidelity. Of course, you have to be a clever cheater. Basically the husband who is cheating returns home happy and pleased but slightly guilty. This makes him a kind, loving and generous. Precisely in such moments are served most unexpected gifts, planned most awesome weekend and attention reaches boiling point. Clever cheater I know comes home with a huge bouquet after any infidelity more than a year. The schedule was strict. Once a week, always on Tuesday. For the wife, who suspected nothing, that day was a real feast. How much he loves me, she wondered, while arranging the flowers in the vase. He fell out with his mistress and no longer felt remorse and stopped with bouquets. Then there the wife had doubts.

clever cheater better relationship

  1. Revenge


The biggest revenge that you can do to the man who took your wife is to leave her to him.



Being a clever cheater or not, you will be cheated for sure, it reads one of the nastiest laws formed over the years in family relationships. It is a destructive computer virus. It gets in your mind and you cannot get rid of it. For the victim undoubtedly infidelity is vile and villainous act. There are various ways he to be punished. Othello is final, although often finds followers today. Fight is not the solution. It is a boomerang. The more you fight, the greater horn you will wear. Divorce due prominent above reasons is not an output. Most practical and enjoyable revenge against the infidel is to betray him yourself. This is the most civilized, European and painless for the entire family decision.


  1. Anguish


Young people want to be correct but can not, the old want to be false, but can not.


Oscar Wilde


At law there is a concept – bunches. They say the Lord is returning from paradise every man deviated someone passionate proposal in the name of morality. There are such cases. They cause insomnia of the old man and riches of the manufacturers of sleeping pills.


For months the beauty Donna pursue the modest programmer and faithful husband John. He ran hard for the sake of the stability of the marriage bed. The men in the city were wondering his sustainability and stupidity, and dreamed to be in his place. On the day that John caught his wife with another, he went to Donna. He fell on his knees in front of her door and wept. She even did not open. Since then he suffers from chronic insomnia. Now the pills can not help him.

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