Cheating Revealed – Why Faithful Women Also Cheat?

Have you ever felt the NEED to cheat? I am absolutely sure that most of the women who are married or have a long-term relationship will answer negative to that question. However, 99.9 % of them will secretly remember at least one time when they literally wanted to cheat their beloved partner. Cheating revealed – it is a need just like the need to take breath before you do something new and untypical for you. I myself am happy married from 9 years and have 2 beautiful daughters. At the beginning of our marriage I thought I am the luckiest woman in the world – my husband seemed to be too perfect to be real. Two years later I found out he like all the men has negative sides in his character.

cheating revealed

In all my previous relationships I was the dominant. I don’t say I was trying to control my partner but I have always felt the strength to say what I want and what I don’t. Now in my marriage I faced a person stronger than me and I felt ok at least at the beginning. I agreed with him not because I had to but because I wanted. Cheating revealed – somehow I feel I betrayed myself. I stopped doing what I loved to do, I mean practicing sports which gave me inspiration and energy. I stopped seeing my friends because I was 100% of my time with him. I moved to another city where I knew nobody just to be with him. I hated the city! And I still do.


However, I stayed faithful to him because I loved him deeply. In the past I have always followed one rule which some people will define as “selfish”. The rule was the following: “Think for yourself first and then for all the rest. Do what you want because you have only one life.” I still believe in this rule but I stopped following it.

cheating revealed sex on the beach

Last month we went on vacation and I felt like in the old days – surrounded by people who want to have fun. Then for perhaps the first time in my life I desired to have just one time sexual experience with a stranger I don’t know and I will never meet again.

Cheating Revealed – It Makes You Feel Alive


I am not making plans to cheat but I am not saying I will keep myself a nun from now on. Just the idea of cheating makes me feel alive. I don’t consider cheating as betrayal of the other person in the relationship. I consider it more as returning to my real self.

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