Adultery Factors – Adultery More Difficult For Overcoming Than Divorce

Everyone who has experienced adultery wonders what the adultery factors are. What is the reason for ruining the relationship with the partner?! A great per cent of people, both men and women, blame themselves for the adultery of the spouse. Some of them believe they are not attractive for the partner; others blame their jobs for not having enough time for the spouse. In this article we will discuss what the different adultery factors for men and women are.


Adultery is always a sign of a crisis in family relationships. Starting a secret sexual relationship with a new partner and the search for new sensations and emotions are a proof that the partners in the couple already lost them in their mutual relations. Adultery causes severe psychological trauma and can cause nervous breakdown and depression. According to psychologists, it bears more heavily than divorce or dismissal.

adultery factors

Adultery is one of the varieties of infidelity and has some distinctive characteristics. According to specialists, such affairs can be divided into three main types:


  • Random and short extramarital contacts that arise spontaneously in concurrence of circumstances – meeting friends from childhood trip, recreation, alcohol and others.


  • Erotic-sexual “adventure” that lead to romantic experiences in order to obtain sexual pleasure. Which is characterized by frequent change of partners with which one meeting to release the accumulated negative energy.


  • Permanent extramarital affairs, leading to a double life. These infidelities are the most dangerous because they are characterized by duration, the emergence of emotional contact or even according to the new partner. The experience of love and the strong emotions associated with this sense can most often be the cause of divorce.


The most common adultery factors for male infidelity, according surveys are:

– Aggravated sexual needs;

– Provoking sexual relations by the temporary absence of a wife;

– The impact of “random” circumstances – such as alcohol intoxication;

– Love for another woman;

– Initiative and persistent persecution of women;

– Self-assertion by the number of sexual “victories”;

– Revenge for the humiliation;

– Changing experience, a variety of sensations, experiences and feelings;

– Prize for the man himself.


In most cases, female infidelity is an escape from bad marital relations. She feels disappointed by marital routine, lack of emotional support and attention from the man, so she is looking for “outside help”.


Therefore, the most common adultery factors for female infidelity are:

– Dissatisfaction with marital relations;

– Revenge against the man;

– Desire to increase self-esteem and getting the feeling that the woman is loved and important;

– Willing to test new emotions;

– Desire for a sense of own power;

– Desire to satisfy the sexual needs;

– Desire to satisfy curiosity;

– Career advancement;

– Sex as “thanksgiving service”;

– The easiest way to earn some money.


Infidelity often involved in a situation other family members, leading to new conflicts, crises, and often – and to a complete rupture.


According to psychologists from the American edition Psychology Today there are six major hazards as a result of infidelity – main consequence from the adultery factors:


  1. Threat to the integrity of the family, destruction of marital feelings.
  2. Violation of emotional and domestic, economic relations and the relations between children and parents.
  3. Experience a sense of jealousy.
  4. Influence of individually-personal experiences that affect the sense of dignity and honor of the cheated partner.
  5. Infidelity is a strong psychological trauma that can trigger psychogenic depression and self-destructive behavior, alcoholic, drug addiction, suicide attempts, aggressive acts of physical violence – destructive consequences of somehow seeming not so important adultery factors.
  6. Finally, the realization of the fact of infidelity can sometimes push the victim partner even to murder.

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