15 Steps to Adultery Part 3

Steps to Adultery – What Are the Small Mistakes That Will Lead to Adultery?

man and woman hugging goodbye steps to adultery

8. Steps to adultery – Rare hugs, catching hands or short touches – the beginning of an end of a marriage

 “He had never touched me till then. One evening after work, he leaned toward me and said, “You are so special, thank you for everything.” He leaned over and hugged me gently for just a second. At the present moment I know that it had to stop. I never had the intention to destroy my family. “

“She was always in the house and she was the best friend of my wife. She often stayed up late at home watching TV, even after my wife had gone to bed. She sat beside me on the couch and I was attracted to her. “

“He often patted me on the shoulder – you know how – in recognition of the good things I’ve done. But I knew that it means more. “

“Every time when we shaked hands to say “goodbye”, she slowed her shaking more than an ordinary handshake. No one else would have noticed, but I knew it was more than a handshake – I saw it in her eyes. She also knew it. We both were aware it’s adultery but did not felt guilty.”

 good morning handsome steps to adultery

9. Steps to adultery – Special notes or gifts – unnoticed signs of adultery.

“He began to write me notes and letters, left on my desk or sending them by email. They did not say anything that can be traced. If someone found them,he would not suspect anything.”

“Sometimes I called him and left him short messages. He sent SMS’s. “

“He bought me a small gift – not expensive, but showed that he knows what I like.”

“She started to leave me unsigned notes on the desk, who shared her feelings. After a while I noticed that I was looking to find the next, regardless of the risk. The adultery seemed attractive to me.”

 colleagues flirting in office steps to adultery

10. Steps to adultery – Finding an excuse to call or meet

“I started returning different tools, taken from her husband borrowed at a time when I knew that he was not at home.”

“I waited until the end of the day and then I called him that there are business issues that we must discuss.”

“The more obstacles we had, the better I planned how to spend more time together. We began to see more often. “

“She started to reorganize her schedule so that she remains more time without her husband. I found myself around and often took her to her home, pretending to be just a friend. “

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