15 Steps to Adultery Part 2

3 More Innocent Mistakes Which Will Lead You One Step Closer To Adultery


In the previous article we told you how everything begins – there is no intention to cheat at your partner, you just have found an interesting person who has the same interests as you, supports you, believes in you, and you feel comfortable being with him/her. Now we will check which the next three steps that will lead you to adultery are.

 lying to wife adultery dishonesty

5. Acts of dishonesty to the partner – the first real mistake that leads to adultery

“When my wife asked if SHE was the on the party at work, I pretended that I do not remember – that’s when I started to build a wall between us.”

“I pretended that I go out dancing with the group, but actually I went to dance with him.”

“Once my wife asked me directly about it, but I denied it all – though we had not done anything wrong yet. Now I understand that this was one of the points where it was too late to go back. “

“I told sometimes my husband about him with annoyance as “one boss from work”. This seems to be trying to blunt his attention. “

“When we went out together – he and I, along with our husbands – I was pretending that he did not care and even later criticized him in front of my husband. I guess I was trying to hide my real feelings for him from my husband. “

 man flirting with woman adultery

6. Flirting – now seems innocent but is a sign for adultery

“I knew it from the way she looked at me. She looked at me straight in the eyes, then stealthily went down to my body again and finally looked into my eyes. I was really flattered by her interest. “

“Then we started to joke with each other, often speaking ambiguously. Sometimes even when we joked with others. At first it seemed innocent but increasingly understood that it means something to us. “

“We started to joke and talk, it seemed we were “made for each other”. Then we started to joke about what spouses would we be if we were together. “

“He experienced a lot and loves to tell me. Always I learn new things and laughed with him. “

“He has so murderous eyes. When he looks at me, it makes me feel special, ready to melt. Against the impulses I was hopeless – I knew he got me. “

 man and woman talkinng personal things sharing adultery

7. Talk about personal things – feeling comfortable with the other will lead you to adultery

“We were talking about things – not too serious, just things that are important to him or worry me.”

“We met for coffee and talked.”

“I have problems with my son and he looks that he understands the situation better than everyone I’ve talked to so far. We became really good friends. This is the strangest – we never intended to go that far. “

“He told me about his wife, who constantly thought  that he was unfair. He was so sweet honest. “

“I lost my father recently and he had lost his mother a year ago. It seems he knew exactly how I felt and talked to me for hours. “

“We spent so much time together! I could have sworn that he knows more about me than my husband. “

To see the following innocent steps, leading to adultery, check Part 3.

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