15 Steps or Reasons for Adultery Part 4

Reasons for Adultery – The Five Final Steps Leading to Adultery

 man and woman meeting secretly reasons for adultery

11. Reasons for Adultery – Settlement of a secret meeting.

“At this point we were so advanced that we began to meet secretly. That was one of the reasons for adultery.”

“We started to arrange work in the same evening for both of us, then withdrew early and saw secret elsewhere.”

“I started to care that he is familiar with my business travel, so that he can comply with them. Up to this point we had not got involved physically, but there was such excitement and romance. Even secrecy made everything seem even more exciting. “

“We were gathering with colleagues, but we left earlier and we met at the hotel.”

“Sometimes she called me just before lunch and we came together to talk about the end of the lunch break.”

 husband lying his wife reasons for adultery

12. Reasons for Adultery – Lies and hiding

“Once we started seeing secretly I had to invent different stories to gloss over the eyes of my partner. At that time I had already built a high wall of dishonesty between us. I know adultery is coming and I am making a mistake but I didn’t want to stop. Actually, at that time I did not see the situation as “mistake”, I felt happy and excited and only that mattered.”

“Soon my whole life was full of lies. I lied about where I was going and who I was with. The more suspicious my husband was, the better I became at lying. Nevertheless, he knew that something was going on. It’s hard to lie so that people do not suspect. “

“I signed up several groups with different activities so as to have an excuse for absenteeism my night.”

“She asked when I finished work or who I was with. I simply lied and she never realized what was happening until the last moment. How will I ever get back her trust? “

“We had agreed that if someone sees us together in the car, we will tell the same story: that her car was ruined and I got her to the store to buy a new fuse.”

“I organized things so that everything seems to just work. My husband did not know until the last moment. “

“From there my whole life became a lie, even I began to ask friends to hide my little meetings.”

 couple kissing reasons for adultery

13. Reasons for Adultery – Kisses and hugs.

“Everything seemed so exciting that way. I’ve been such a fool. We began to meet in secret and fear not to get caught. But it seems only united us more. When we saw each other we hugged as if we have not seen for years – like in the movies – when someone comes back from war. “

“When we began to meet secretly, the sequel was fast. We kissed and hugged as teenagers. “

“I felt so good to be embraced and kissed by someone who appreciates me.”

 holding hands reasons for adultery

14. Reasons for Adultery – Events of great indiscretion

“At this point my inhibitions fell. I completely lost my sanity and wanted to risk even more and everything. “

“It was like being a teenager again”.

“When I met my husband once, we fought not to go too far. Now I have forgotten all this, I had no such problem. My friendship with this man did not look bad. Finally we went farther than I ever intended. I thought resentment against my husband that bugged me constantly reached a peak. I’m not saying it was bad, it was just a way to justify things. “

“At that time I accepted myself as a hero not to do” anything, but … “. But thinking so, I started to believe that I can easily resist. I did not realize how wrong – it is not possible to simply freeze a relationship – or keep going, or short completely. “

 couple kissing in bed reasons for adultery

15. Reasons for Adultery – Sex

“Soon I stopped resisting and I did it.”

“I thought it would never get this far, finally we had sex.”


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