12 Positive Signs of Adultery Part 2

12 Positive Signs of Adultery Part 2

How to Find Out If She Is Cheating on You – Positive Signs of Adultery

signs of adultery

signs of adultery

In the first part of the article we checked the small changes in her behavior can mean she is cheating on you. However, sometimes we do not notice them before it’s too late. Keep in mind these positive signs of adultery are seen in 95 % of women who cheat.

6. Updates her wardrobe and her look

Your girlfriend changes her favorite clothes with others in a completely different style. She begins to appreciate the brand underwear, her hair always looks great. She may be cheating on you, but here’s a warning for those who are overcautious: if she is at a new job or needs to communicate in a new social circle, she most likely is not cheating on you. If she is doing all this for you, pay more attention to her, make her a compliment, because she is not cheating on you. Or at least yet. Hairdresser, new makeup, new image – all again, without wanting to know what do you think about it – these are positive signs of adultery.

7. She becomes especially caring

Women are different and therefore the positive signs of adultery also vary. While some will treat you bad, others would rather try to dull their sense of guilt as they behave well even in cases when you in your own opinion do not deserve it. Sometimes there is a dramatic change in behavior.

man checking wife's phone

8. She becomes extremely nervous if she sees you near your phone

No matter how careful she is in covering up her tracks, she will avoid difficultly leaving traces in the phone. Messages, calls from an unknown number or a friend – a girl – for which you have not heard – these positive signs of adultery can not always be hidden. If she is terrified when take her phone to see what time it is, maybe there is something.

9. Sex is the exceptionally rare event

If she has a new thrill, it is likely sex with you is not among her  priorities. In the past, both of you have behaved in bed as wild animals during the breeding season, but now all you get is her back when you are trying to start a sexual game.

10. She forgets about you

Not long ago dates she memorized by heart, now go by without noticing – your anniversary, for example. In fact, at one point you realize that she does not forget the dates and appointments, she is forgetting everything about you.

adultery man and woman in bed

11. Find out she is lying to you

Catching a lie is one of the most important positive signs of adultery because she is cheating or at least she is not sincere with you. When you discover that the person to which you trust completely, lies to you, you will surely tempt the anger, frustration, anger, sadness. Keep in mind that who is willing to lie once, would do it again. And it will be easily and without remorse.

12. She no longer criticizes you

In the good old days she cared about you, what you do, what you say, how you act. Her care that you drink or you’re overweight. But now it seems it does not matter whether you are alive or dead, nor seek to change your habits and your behavior.

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