12 Positive Signs of Adultery Part 1

12 Positive Signs of Adultery Part 1

How to Understand If She Is Unfaithful – Positive Signs of Adultery

positive signs of adultery

positive signs of adultery

When it comes to adultery or infidelity, women are much more creative than men. Mostly because they have the unsettling ability to notice details. This skill makes them quite good at concealing all traces, including infidelity. However, even the most careful woman can miss some things. If you have doubts regarding the faithfulness of you  mate, see our list of 10 positive signs of adultery. Take notes and if your girlfriend meets most criteria, it may be time to talk.

The key in all 10 positive signs of adultery is a change in her behavior.

1. She has changed you mutual plans with her own plans

Until recently, your girlfriend was planning your common plans for New Year from the summer and had made reservations for Valentine’s Day before the New Year has come. For some time, however, the general plans are not her strongest side. Instead of considering a romantic weekend with you, she makes plans for herself – a small vacation for herself only, plans about her social life that does not involve you, meeting new friends, etc. She has bought theater tickets without asking if you are free, and if you say you are busy that evening, she announces that she would find someone else to go with.

signs of adultery


2. Behaves worse with you

She gets angry with you or she seems eternally dissatisfied with the things you do. This type of behavior may mean that she is cheating – as she is fighting with you about things, she convinces herself that you’re not so perfect and really did not deserve her loyalty.

3. She’s been secretive

While previously she did not mind telling you at length what are her plans for the day, where she was going and what she would do, now if she did not like to talk about such things. She does not feel comfortable when you ask her about her plans, nor how her day went.

4. Bend on elementary issues

Question like “What did you do in your lunch break?” And “Why was your phone off this afternoon?” make her bend over and think more than usual. Sometimes she gets angry at you and you responds you something like: “What’s the problem?”

woman buying underwear

woman buying underwear

5. Her underwear doubled in number

When you start a new relationship, women pay particular attention to their appearance. One way to increase sex appeal for her new love is to buy new underwear. Not just one or two new bra, and all mesh, lace, cut, etc. things that you have not seen in her wardrobe.

But the most significant sign is not that she buys new underwear – it may be for you though. Most importantly, she is not interested in your opinion, do notshow you the new black socks, do not ask what you think about these slings. She wants to be sexy, but obviously not for you.

To see the rest of the positive signs of adultery, check Part 2

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