Signs of Adultery – How to Reveal Your Partner is Cheating

Do you wish to know which the clear signs of adultery are? There is no perfect relationship, although romantic movies try to convince us the opposite. When the cause of your frequent quarrels is infidelity, be sure the signs of adultery are almost always the same.


Follow the 12 positive signs of adultery


  1. Your fights become more usual than kisses

Do you argue more and more even for the smallest things? If your boyfriend always starts fierce verbal battles, there is a tremendous chance that he is doing this because of the guilt he feels for cheating on you.

signs of adultery man ignoring his wife

  1. The quality of the time you spend together sharply falls. Your boyfriend prefers spending his time on the phone or tablet instead of being with you!

Pay more attention to changes in some of your partner’s habits. If he spends a lot of time with his phone and takes it even when he goes to the bathroom, then something is wrong.


  1. Your boyfriend tells you negative things about a third person


If “your sweetheart” pours on a “terrible” friend of yours, have one mind. Maybe he does it to throw you dust in your eyes. This is a very naive and typical male tactic.


  1. He’s rarely looking at you

The eyes are a window to the soul. If your boyfriend keeps on looking aside, when you have “frank” conversations – you have a cause for concern!


  1. You feel that you are moving away

People that cheat, often change themselves to the extent that they build a high barrier. There comes a moment when you are excited and doing different things even when you are in the same room.

clear signs of adultery

  1. Your partner becomes savage

The one, who has nothing to hide, has no problem with leaving his phone unattended. The cheaters never do this and panic if you even try to look at the time on their display. If you are often arguing about this topic, be sure there is a third person in your relationship.


  1. Your boyfriend is always somewhere, attending events for which you have no idea

Do you know where your partner was yesterday? If you suddenly start telling you about places and events that were attended by post factum, be on your guard.


  1. Receive gifts without a reason – one of the clear signs of adultery

Sometimes the mood of your boyfriend undergoes a complete transformation. He starts to make you presents like flowers and gifts, without any special occasion. Often they do it by remorse of conscience.


  1. They smell wonderful, but not their own perfume

If your partner smells of a perfume you did not give him, or the one he usually uses, he could bring home the smell of his new thrill.


  1. They no longer find you sexually attractive

Zero activity in bed may indicate that your boyfriend has found someone else who meets his or her sexual needs. When your connection collapses, this is one of the signs of adultery, showing that things are coming to an end.

signs of adultery no sexual attraction

  1. Your partner pays more attention to the way he looks

If your boyfriend changes his dress style and changes the t-shirts with something more attractive and elegant, maybe he’s trying to impress someone. Unfortunately, he probably does not do it for you.


  1. Their engagements change over an hour

“Do not wait me for dinner!” or “I’ll have lunch with my colleagues” are becoming more and more frequent excuses so they will not spend time with you. There is something rotten in your relationship!

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